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Why Black Friday Isn't All That Great For Us

Black Friday is just around the corner. A day that encourages overconsumption. It originated in America and eventually spread throughout the world.

Small brands and designers like myself usually don't participate in Black Friday. Why? Because we can't afford big discounts, since we don't have the huge margins that big corporations have. Of course, there is also a sustainable aspect. I myself do not want to contribute to the promotion of overconsumption, but I encourage thoughtful, quality purchases.

So how do we smaller designers price our products? We take into account the costs of materials, production, design, promotion, studio or shop (if we have them), costs that are necessary for the existence of the company and earnings, which are usually really basic. Especially when we are still at the beginning of the journey of our brand. That's why we basically design prices that are the lowest we can give and survive at the same time. And that's why we rarely use discounts.

Large corporations, on the other hand, have 5x, 6x, 7x higher margins and can afford big discounts on this account. The sustainable aspect is also problematic, because big discounts lead to overconsumption and buying things you don't even need. Of course, if you are preparing for a major purchase that you have been planning for some time, discounts are great. But don't be tempted to buy products you don't need and are the result of impulsive purchases. These are the most harmful, both for your wallet and for the environment.

I myself encourage thoughtful purchases. Purchases of products that are of high quality and can therefore be used for a long time. Black Friday leads us to excessive consumption, which is harmful to our environment and ourselves.

So what will we be doing on Black Friday this year? 

🌿 Think about what we will buy.

🌿 Buy only what we really need. 

🌿 Try to buy locally and thereby help local companies to survive on the market. 

🌿 Choose sustainably oriented materials and products. 

🌿 We will not buy anything at all and will rather go for a walk in nature and thus create a Green Friday for ourselves.

Are you with me? #blackfriday #sustainability #consumption



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