My story

Who is Fi by Gaja?

I am Gaja Hanzel, a fashion and graphic designer. Lover of light, animals and freedom. I have a degree in textile and clothing design and a master’s degree in graphic engineering. There has been a creative restlessness in me since I was a child, which has led me on the path of design.

Since 2019, I have been designing sustainable fashion accessories, especially bags, under my Fi by Gaja brand. I want to contrbute towards the solution for a better, more environmentally friendly future, which is why I design and make bags according to the principles of slow and ethical fashion.

Gaja Hanzel

Modern and timeless.

Sustainable Fi by Gaja fashion accessories are environmentally-friendly, well-designed, high-quality and made according to slow and ethical fashion principles with a positive environmental and social impact.

Fi by Gaja handbags successfully adapt to the modern, fast way of life. They pair with different fashion styles and lifestyles. The fashion accessories are designed not to overshadow you, but to emphasize your style and you as an individual. Thanks to their thoughtful and clean design, the products are timeless and suitable for all seasons.

Coexistence between nature and style.

Why the name Fi by Gaja? Fi represents the golden ratio between environmental awareness and style. Gaja is my name and in Greek mythology Gaia or Gaea is the goddess of Earth and the mother of the universe. Some might call it a coincidence, others fate, but my name matches perfectly my values, my way of thinking and everything I believe in.

Therefore, the meaning of the name is “Gaja’s golden ratio”. What kind of ratio is that? The one between aesthetics, fashion, all that is beautiful and pleasant, and our Earth, environmental awareness and kindness to our planet, other people and all beings.

Earth is our home. Let’s appreciate it.

With our planet in mind, I research and choose materials that are sustainable, innovative and plant-based. The ones that are friendly to people, animals and the environment. I use materials such as Desserto®, which is made from cactus, Piñatex® from waste pineapple leaves and Washpapa® from cellulose. They are all amazing, durable and a vegan alternative to leather.

Fi by Gaja products are made for you - a fashion lover who is also environmentally conscious. For women and men, who appreciate excellent design and are looking for quality, environmentally-friendly products.