Fi by Gaja is presented on Zagreb Design Week ~ 26. 9. 2023 - 1. 10. 2023

New collection ~ TERRA

Terra. Gaia. Earth.

The Terra collection is dedicated to Mother Earth. People, animals, mountains, rocks, sea and rivers. We are all connected, we are all here on Earth.

The wavy lines that are an element of the handbags illustrate the vibrations of the Earth, the curves of its surface and the waves of its waters. The colors are Her colors. Colors of the Earth. Blue, the color of water and sky. Green as a forest. Black as night and silver as the reflection of the sun on the leaves.

I named the bags after the goddesses worshiped by ancient civilizations. Ancient Wisdoms of the Earth. They were deeply connected to the Earth, which they respected and were grateful to for providing them with life and a home. Awaken your connection with the Earth and thank her too.

The bags are made from Piñatex. This is a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty-free material made from waste pineapple leaf fibres. Read more about this great material here.

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