One More Time ~ Award-winning collection

The One More Time collection consists of 6 different bag designs made from eco-friendly and vegan material made from cellulose. Enter a world where sustainability and sophistication are seamlessly intertwined.

Hana square bag

Versatile, timeless and environmentally friendly

The bags are versatile to wear thanks to their modern and thoughtfully refined design. Crafted with attention to detail and boasting a clean and minimalist aesthetic, they are versatile and timeless enough to complement any wardrobe all year round. These handbags enhance your personal style while being environmentally friendly. You can combine them with a summer dress or a pair of jeans.

Senna massenger bag, washable paper, Fi by Gaja

Made from eco-friendly washable paper

They are made from washable paper, which is a vegan alternative to natural leather. The material is durable, environmentally friendly; composed of cellulose, impregnated felt, latex and natural oils. 

The bags are very lightweight, practical and durable. Over time, the material develops its own wrinkles, similar to leather. They are designed and handmade in Slovenia according to the principles of slow and ethical fashion.

washable paper fi by gaja

The collection grows slightly each year as I keep up with the wishes and needs of my customers. At the moment it consists of 6 bags:

  • the large Calla bag with an outside pocket,
  • the Hana square bag,
  • the Senna messenger bag,
  • the smaller Cosmos bag that can be worn across the body or around the waist,
  • the small Mina bag for around the waist and
  • the Ivy pencil case.

 The bags are lined with cotton and linen.

Calla bag, washable paper

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Awarded with badge of excellence

The One More Time collection was awarded with the Made in Slovenia badge of excellence, which is given to products and projects of good practice of Slovenian creators and companies in the creative sector. The label is awarded by the Centre for Creativity at the Museum of Architecture and Design.

Made in Slovenia, badge of design excellence

The collection also travelled the world in 2021. From the 90 products that received the badge of excellence, CzK, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prepared the travelling exhibition The Future of Living, one of the major promotional events of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council in 2021, at which the One more time collection was also presented several times.




The exhibition was presented in 32 locations and events dedicated to design and the creative economy. The One More Time collection travelled to South America (Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina), Europe (Stuttgart, Berlin, Zagreb, Milan, Budapest, Spain, France), the Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia) and the Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Egypt).


The bags offer an alternative for a better future, where it is important that the products are made according to the principles of sustainable and ethical fashion, are made of natural materials, vegan and free of harmful chemicals. Let's take care of our planet, living beings and ourselves. Let's take care for our home.