For my bags I use sustainable materials which are friendly to the environment and all living creatures. They're a great choise for a more sustainable life. At the moment I use two different materials, but I'm always looking for new eco-friendly alternatives. 

What is washable paper?  - Washpapa®

Washable paper Washpapa® is made from cellulose. It is a great vegan alternative to traditional leather materials and is manufactured in Europe, respecting human rights. It contains latex, making it durable and flexible; it does not deform in water and it does not discolour or dissolve.

The material is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – a symbol of a guarantee of testing textiles for the presence of harmful substancesand. It is also Forest Stewardship Council (SCS) certified - awarded to timber forest products.

Bags made from this material are durable, they do not shrink or stretch and are resistant to washing and outdoor exposure. They are very lightweight, easy to handle and perfect for everyday use. The more you use them, the better they look!

 Washable paper

What is Piñatex®?

Piñatex is a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty free material made from waste pineapple leaf fibres. The leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce. The material has low environmental impact and high social responsibility. It is a great vegan alternative to traditional leather.

The material is PETA approved and registered by the Vegan Society. The dyes used for the material are GOTS approved and the resins comply with AFIRM standards. Piñatex is also REACH compliant.

Bags made from Piñatex are durable and resistant to outdoor exposure. They are lightweight, easy to handle and great for everyday use.


How to clean your Fi by Gaja bag?

To keep your bag with you as long as possible, you can also gently clean it.